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Hi, I'm Isabelle

In my mid-20s, life "paralyzed" me. Out of the blue, I suddenly couldn't walk anymore and the doctors couldn't figure out the cause for a long time.


I was operated on several times and suddenly I didn't know how to go on and whether I would ever be able to walk and do sports normally again.


I lost my job, my relationship was under tension and I was in a lot of pain. I didn't know how to go on. I was faced with nothing and felt a great emptiness - I felt more dead than alive.



  • Dipl. nursing specialist HF

  • Dipl. hol. Kinesiologist 

  • Couple and sex therapy IgSt

  • Practice Manager

  • Professional trainer & lecturer

  • Ongoing training in the field of psychology and conversation (person-centered psychology, focusing, non-violent communication...)

  • Astrology (astrological biography consultant & life coach)

  • Homeopathy (acute diseases)

  • Homeokinetics

  • Bach Flower Therapy 

  • Singing bowl therapy

  • Reiki I- III

  • Various Yogaasana directions (Ashtanga, Kriya, Kundalini, Yin...)

  • Pranayama & breathing techniques

  • I am also a lecturer and examination expert for Kinesiology at the Apamed School in Jona SG.

  • More details under the menu item "Kinesiology".

I was forced to BE still, to come to rest, to look more inward than outward. This pretty much turned everything upside down. Once again my house of cards collapsed. My path was intense and beautiful at the same time. Although other things were expected of me, I could no longer continue to live my former life in this way. So I followed the flow of life and especially of my heart. 


Fascinated by the feeling and the effects this had on my body, my sensations and my attitude towards life, I continued to follow this path. This led me to begin the 3-year training as a holistic kinesiologist. I wanted to see the human being as a whole and treat him or her holistically. 


On my various longer journeys and trainings abroad like Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and India I gained additional experiences.


Dance, sound and music have also fascinated and accompanied me since my early childhood. The knowledge and learning from these different areas (Western medicine, kinesiology, yoga / meditation, music, dance, tantra, sex therapy, astrology, reiki, Bach flower therapy, etc.) and my personal experiences I like to share. ) and my personal experiences I like to let flow into each other and merge in my work. I am happy to support and accompany you wherever you are on your (life)path. Let's bring more awareness, mindfulness and clarity back into your life.


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Isabelle Juliane Tellenbach
Praxis für ganzheitliche Gesundheit

Standort Zürich
Asylstrasse 119 | 8032 Zürich


Standort Zug
Riedpark 21 | 6300 Zug



076 823 42 11

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