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Psychological Counseling | Bodywork

Body and mind are one unit and so we also work together with these levels. You experience more body awareness, learn to trust your intuition and the signs of your body and to use and translate them consciously. So you feel more down to earth, more alive, more with you and in your body and simply WHOLE.


In a sensitive conversation we clarify together what is bothering you, where there are difficulties and what changes you would like to see.


We take time to answer open questions and work closely together to make progress on your level of feeling.


Our focus is on helping you feel better and learn to be aware of your body's signals. We explore what your body and yourself need. We can also work on re-establishing and strengthening contact with your emotions and yourself.

Image by Nathan DeFiesta
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Isabelle Tellenbach
Praxis für ganzheitliche Gesundheit

Standort Zürich
Asylstrasse 119 | 8032 Zürich


Standort Baar
Aurum Baar | Neugasse 18 | 6340 Baar


076 823 42 11

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