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Energy Work

Cleansing of foreign energies, entanglements with people (family, ex-partners, children, etc.) ancestral energies, from previous lives or other mixtures of foreign energies (for example, from crowds at the airport / train station, etc.) or even the cleaning of rooms or new apartments / houses.


These do not have to be bad energies. Through (close) contact or connections to other people, there is also an energy mixing or energy takeover. 


Detach foreign energies - give them back and come into your own energy !


If we cleanse ourselves holistically on a regular basis, we (and our children) have much more energy and power at our disposal again. We feel alive, connected, light, joyful and simply free!


The power of purification and healing

At a time when so much of our focus is on the external, we unfortunately often neglect the internal - the energetic cleansing. We clean our apartments, our homes, our clothes and our physical bodies regularly. But what about what we don't always consciously see or feel?


We exchange our energies not only through words or touch, but also on an energetic level. Especially through sexual contact we take in deep and diverse energy.


Our energetic body also needs attention and care. No matter if man or woman!


But especially as a woman we store energies of up to seven relationships and even more in our uterus. If these energies are not cleansed, we carry them with us. Over time, our uterus can become overloaded with energies. Feelings of sadness, dullness, listlessness, or feeling cut off from our femininity can arise on the emotional level. On the physical level, disease, cysts, fibroids, adhesions, pain and irregular bleeding may appear. The uterus is blocked, the flow of energy is disturbed. The uterus is like a vessel - this can be seen from its anatomical shape. Like a sponge, it absorbs everything and stores it, often for generations. Unconsciously, we pass on all these energies to our daughters and their daughters.


There are several ways to treat it. Specific energy cleansings and detachments, or deeper, longer rituals.

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Womb Ritual - Energetic Womb Cleansing

A deep uterine ritual (duration approx. 3 hours) can free and cleanse your uterus on a deep level. The result: A stronger connection to your power, your femininity, increased pleasure (also in sexuality), improved intuition and vitality.


In earlier times, women stood more in community, strengthening and supporting each other. I think it is important to discuss and clarify women's issues within our community. After all, who can understand a woman better than another woman?


What may still sound unfamiliar or strange to some of us is still a matter of course in some cultures today.


If you are ready to use the power of energy work to address your inner cleansing and healing, I invite you to take this step.


Feel free to contact me for more information and join me in discovering the transformative power of energy work.

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