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Von Frau zu Frau

What does it mean to be a WOMAN and to feel and live in your FIBILITY? I accompany you on the path to more self-love, self-acceptance and self-realization.


Dive into a transformative journey to your authentic self and to a loving and fulfilled life as a woman.

From Woman to Woman

Sometimes meaningful conversations go unspoken. Topics around intimacy and femininity are often avoided out of shame, ignorance, or misconceptions. Even in school sex education, often limited to a short film, both the class and the teacher felt uncomfortable.


Even among closest friends, it is often a taboo subject. Who talks openly about their sexuality, desires and fantasies? What is considered "normal"? What is allowed or expected?


But it is precisely these conversations that are important. Individual or couples therapy can help us to get to know each other better as a couple and individually - in all areas of life, including sexuality.


In my Woman to Woman work, I create a safe space for open conversations about intimacy and femininity. Together we can explore topics that often go unspoken. This space provides the opportunity for connection and understanding in an atmosphere of honesty and trust.


As a woman, I began to explore the topic of sexuality early on. This is because I always suspected that what we hear in our circle of friends and what is presented in the media cannot be the whole story. Sexuality is multifaceted and needs understanding. That's how I came to Tantra, among other things. Tantra has nothing to do with the Kamasutra or polygamy, as is often mistakenly assumed. Rather, it is about a mindful and holistic approach to sexuality.

Holistic Health Therapy Herzfluss Isabelle Tellenbach

During our one-on-one sessions in Woman to Woman Coaching, we identify which area of your life is a priority. Whether it's relationships, sensuality or other personal aspects, I'll guide you to find the right direction and create your personal journey.


For example, we may devote special attention to energy work for your uterus. Especially as women, we take in and store a lot of energies and emotions through our uterus. The uterus resembles a vessel, not only anatomically, but also in its function. Like a sponge, it soaks up and holds everything we experience. Sometimes even for generations. Without realizing it, we pass these energies on to our daughters, and from them to their daughters, and so on.


Through our womb, we also store and purify the energy of our current sexual partners and all previous sexual encounters in our lives. Even after a separation - whether physical or spatial - connections and energetic entanglements can continue. It is crucial to detach from these energetic ties, cleanse ourselves and free ourselves completely.


This is exactly where the power of women-to-women work comes in, where I accompany you. As a woman, I understand the nuances and depth of these energetic processes. Together we can recognize these energies, lovingly release them and fill them with light and clarity. This journey of purification and liberation is significant not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come.


If you are ready to embark on a journey of understanding and transformation, I invite you to take this step. Feel free to contact me for more information and to enter a space of healing and renewal.


I look forward to accompanying you on this profound journey of being a woman.

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Isabelle Tellenbach
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